The Wheel Symbolism

The wheel is a potent symbol with a multitude of meanings and interpretations across different cultures and philosophical systems. Let’s delve into each of these in more depth:

1. Progress and Innovation: The wheel is often associated with technological advancement and human progress. Its invention was a significant turning point in human history that enabled faster transportation and the development of complex machinery. In this context, the wheel can symbolize human innovation, intelligence, and the ability to improve and adapt.

2. Cycle and Continuity: The circular shape of the wheel is evocative of cycles and repetition. It can symbolize the cyclical nature of life, seasons, time, and even the processes of the universe. The wheel turning can represent the idea that life moves in cycles, with periods of growth and decline, happiness and sorrow, echoing the ancient concept of ‘wheel of fortune’ or ‘Rota Fortunae.’

3. Movement and Change: The primary function of a wheel is to enable movement. Thus, it often symbolizes change, progression, and the passage of time. The idea of “reinventing the wheel” also speaks to unnecessary or redundant change, reminding us to acknowledge existing knowledge and not to waste effort on what has already been accomplished.

4. Unity and Completeness: The wheel’s circular form, with no beginning or end, can symbolize concepts of unity, wholeness, and infinity. This can be interpreted on many levels – from the unity of individuals in a community to the oneness of the universe.

5. Spiritual Enlightenment: In Buddhism, the Dharmachakra or ‘Wheel of Dharma’ is a symbol of the Buddha’s teachings and the path to enlightenment. Each part of the wheel (the hub, spokes, and rim) signifies aspects of Buddhist teachings that lead to awareness and liberation.

6. Balance and Harmony: The wheel must be perfectly balanced to function effectively, symbolizing the need for balance in one’s life – the balance between work and rest, giving and receiving, action and reflection, etc.

The wheel with a cross in the middle

The wheel with a cross in the middle is a widely recognized symbol that goes by many names, including the solar cross, sun cross, Odin’s cross, or Celtic cross. It’s one of the most ancient and universal symbols, and its interpretation varies across different cultures and historical contexts. Let’s go into more detail:

1. The Solar Cross: As a solar cross, it often represents the solar calendar, with the circle symbolizing the cyclical nature of the year and the cross representing the solstices and equinoxes.

2. Spiritual and Religious Significance: The symbol is seen in many spiritual and religious contexts. For example, in Christianity, the Celtic Cross is seen as a symbol of faith, combining the cross of Christ’s crucifixion with the sun, representing Christ’s resurrection and ascension to heaven. In Norse mythology, it’s referred to as Odin’s cross.

3. Symbol of the Earth: It can also represent the planet Earth itself. The circle signifies the globe, while the cross inside represents the four cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West).

4. Balance and Unity: The symbol often signifies balance and unity. The cross represents the intersection of divine energies, while the circle can symbolize wholeness or completeness. It signifies the unity and balance between these different energies.

5. Life Cycle: The wheel with a cross is also frequently associated with the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The circle represents the cyclic nature of life and the universe, while the cross symbolizes the human journey from life to death and beyond.

Remember, the meaning of any symbol can vary greatly depending on cultural, personal, or situational context. The interpretations given here are general and may not apply in every situation.

The Wheel’s Wisdom

In the heart of every rotation,
Lies the tale of human elation,
Progress, change, and cycles long,
A wheel’s whisper, an ancient song.

Turned by hands of innovation,
Marking epochs, our foundation,
Yet in circles, life does spin,
Seasons change, we lose, we win.

Journey’s start and end the same,
The wheel rolls on, life’s ceaseless game,
In its curve, completeness lies,
Unity ‘neath the vast blue skies.

The Dharmachakra turns and gleams,
Guiding souls, in dreams it seems,
Balance kept, in work and play,
The wheel demands, and we obey.

Yet, within, a cross does stand,
Marks of time, on every land,
Solar tales, of light and might,
Spiritual paths, in eternal flight.

Four points, where directions meet,
On this Earth, where all things greet,
A symbol of life, of death, of rebirth,
The wheel and cross, our compass on Earth.

In symbols vast, meanings do dwell,
Each a story, each a spell,
The wheel turns, the cross stands tall,
Guiding, teaching, through it all.

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