Flying Horse

The symbolism of a flying horse can be quite varied, drawing on mythologies, folktales, and religious traditions from around the world. One of the most famous flying horses is Pegasus from Greek mythology. Here are some general interpretations:

Freedom and Liberation


Horses in general symbolize freedom due to their nature as roaming, wild creatures. A horse that can fly would take this freedom to new heights, able to break the bonds of the earth and soar through the sky. This could symbolize a sense of liberation or escape from the constraints of everyday life.

Inspiration and Creativity


Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology, was considered a symbol of inspiration and the source of the springs where the Muses resided. Thus, a flying horse could symbolize inspiration, creativity, or the Muses themselves.

Spiritual Ascension


The act of flying is often associated with ascension to a higher spiritual plane. A flying horse might symbolize spiritual growth or transcendence, overcoming earthly struggles to attain a higher state of being.

Messenger or Guide


In some cultures, mythological creatures like flying horses are considered messengers or guides for the gods. They may be seen as bridging the gap between the human world and the divine, able to travel between these realms freely.

Miracles and the Supernatural


A flying horse, as an extraordinary creature, can symbolize the miraculous or the supernatural, representing occurrences that transcend ordinary reality.

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