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Neptune and Poseidon

Neptune and Poseidon

The Mystical Waters of Astrology and Mythology



The Celestial and Mythical Connection

In the vast tapestry of cosmic and mythological tales, few relationships mirror each other as closely as that of Neptune and Poseidon. Neptune, named after the Roman god of the sea, is the distant and mysterious eighth planet in our solar system. In astrology, it represents dreams, intuition, and the realm of the unconscious. On the other hand, Poseidon, its Greek counterpart, is an ancient and powerful deity wielding the trident and ruling over the oceans, earthquakes, and horses. Their intertwined stories showcase the delicate dance between tangible reality and the profound, watery depths of the subconscious.

From Astrological Significance to Legendary Tales

Astrology paints Neptune as a planet that dissolves boundaries, urging us to merge with the collective and tap into our deepest intuition. It stirs our imagination, propels our dreams, and, at times, creates a mist of illusion around us. This planetary energy speaks of a depth of emotion, of the undercurrents that move us in ways we don’t always comprehend.

Poseidon’s tales from Greek mythology echo similar themes. As the God of the Sea, he is unpredictable, powerful, and profound. His moods can range from calm serenity to stormy rage, mirroring the ever-changing nature of our emotions and intuitions. His stories — from creating horses out of sea foam to causing earthquakes in fits of anger — depict a deity deeply connected to the primal forces of nature, just as Neptune’s influence beckons us to dive deep into the mystical waters of our own psyche.

Together, the astrological insights of Neptune and the mythological tales of Poseidon offer a journey of self-discovery, urging us to explore both the calm and turbulent waters within and around us.

The Mythological Landscape

The Mythological Landscape

Neptune: The Planet of Dreams, Illusions, and Higher Consciousness

Neptune, in astrological terms, is often dubbed the planet of dreams, illusions, and higher consciousness. It governs the subconscious mind, spiritual enlightenment, and deep-seated emotions. Neptune’s energy is intangible, ethereal, and mystic. When Neptune’s influence is strong in one’s astrological chart, there’s a heightened sense of intuition, a pull towards the artistic, and often, a predisposition to daydreaming or escapism. This can manifest in profound spiritual insights or a susceptibility to deception—both self-deception and from external sources.

Neptune’s watery domain in astrology reflects the vast, boundless oceans of our inner psyche, subconscious desires, and spiritual quests. It prompts us to dive deep, to explore the intangible realms of dreams and psychic experiences, and to seek a connection to the divine or the universe at large.

Poseidon: The God of the Sea, Earthquakes, and Horses

Poseidon, one of the twelve Olympian deities in ancient Greek mythology, wielded tremendous power as the god of the sea, earthquakes, and horses. His dominion over the sea symbolizes his unpredictable and tempestuous nature, mirroring the ever-changing moods of the oceans. With his mighty trident, Poseidon could stir up tumultuous storms or calm the waves, reflecting his dual nature of both creation and destruction.

Beyond the sea, Poseidon’s association with earthquakes earned him the epithet “Earth-Shaker.” His connection to horses, somewhat less known, comes from legends where he created the first horse, further emphasizing his creative powers. The horse, a symbol of strength, speed, and freedom, encapsulates Poseidon’s formidable, untamed essence.

The myths surrounding Poseidon portray him as a figure of respect and reverence, but also one to be appeased. His temper was notorious, and sailors would often pray for his mercy to ensure safe voyages. Through his tales, Poseidon embodies the vastness of the seas, the unpredictability of nature, and the primal forces that ancient Greeks believed governed their world.

The Symbolism of the Deep and the Unconscious

The Symbolism of the Deep and the Unconscious

Neptune’s Influence in Unraveling Dreams and Intuition

The realm of Neptune is much like the deep ocean: mysterious, boundless, and teeming with unseen life. In astrology, Neptune represents the deep recesses of the unconscious mind, a place where dreams are born and intuition thrives. Its placement in a natal chart can indicate where and how one’s intuitive and psychic abilities manifest. Moreover, Neptune’s influence encourages individuals to delve into their subconscious, exploring dreams, daydreams, and even illusions.

While its watery nature signifies depth and introspection, Neptune also warns of the danger of becoming lost in those depths. There’s a fine line between intuition and illusion, and Neptune’s energy can often blur that distinction. However, when channeled correctly, Neptune’s influence can lead to profound spiritual insights, artistic inspirations, and a deep sense of empathy and connection with the universe.

Poseidon’s Domains

The might of Poseidon is unparalleled when it comes to his reign over the ocean’s depths and the Earth’s tremors. As the god of the sea, Poseidon commands respect for his vast and unpredictable dominion. The ocean, in its enormity, represents the unknown, the subconscious, and the mysteries of life. Poseidon’s rule over such depths emphasizes the power of the unconscious mind, the pull of hidden emotions, and the lure of the unknown.

Yet, Poseidon’s control isn’t limited to the water alone. His influence over earthquakes—making him the “Earth-Shaker”—illustrates the connection between the emotional depths (the sea) and the physical world (the Earth). It’s a reminder that the stirrings of our subconscious can manifest in tangible, real-world consequences. The earthquakes, in this symbolism, can represent emotional upheavals or groundbreaking revelations, emphasizing Poseidon’s dual nature as both a creator and destroyer.

Together, Neptune and Poseidon represent a deep dive into the psyche, urging us to explore, understand, and respect the power of the unconscious, and the profound effects it can have on our daily lives.

Rituals and Practices for Invoking Poseidon

Rituals and Practices for Invoking Poseidon

Preparing the Sacred Waters

Invoking Poseidon requires a deep connection to his primary domain: water. The sea, with its vastness and unpredictability, is a perfect place to forge this connection. Here are some steps to prepare for a ritual dedicated to the God of the Sea:

  • Select a Secluded Spot by the Ocean: A quiet beach, away from the hustle and bustle, will allow you to tap into Poseidon’s energy without distractions.
  • Gather Sea Elements: Collect items like seashells, seaweed, and sand to create a makeshift altar. These items serve as a bridge between you and the energies of Poseidon.
  • Offerings to the Sea: As a gesture of respect, offer biodegradable gifts to the ocean, such as flowers or food items. This signifies your reverence and desire to connect with Poseidon.

Chants, Mantras, and Symbols Resonating with Poseidon’s Energy

The resonance of your voice coupled with powerful words can summon Poseidon’s energy. Here are some chants and mantras:


  • “Mighty Poseidon, ruler of the deep, in your vastness, secrets you keep.”
  • In stillness, I seek, in motion, I find, secrets unravel, in the depths of my mind.


  • “Waves crash, and the earth shakes, Poseidon’s power, my spirit awakes.”
  • “In every depth, a truth does hide; within my soul, the tides do reside.”

Symbols associated with Poseidon include the trident, his signature weapon signifying power and control; dolphins, representing playfulness and harmony; and horses, showcasing his dominion over the land’s creatures.

Visualization and Meditation Techniques for Navigating Emotional Currents

Connecting with Poseidon’s energy through visualization and meditation offers profound insights into the emotional realm.

  • Sea Meditation: Close your eyes and imagine standing on a beach with the waves lapping at your feet. Feel the ebb and flow of the tide, synchronize your breathing with the waves, and delve deep into your emotions.
  • Trident Visualization: Picture Poseidon’s trident glowing in the sea’s depths. As you draw it closer, let its light illuminate your emotional world, revealing hidden feelings and untapped potentials.
  • Navigating the Storm: Envision yourself on a boat amidst a storm. Poseidon’s energy helps you navigate, ensuring that you find calm waters. This exercise aids in navigating emotional upheavals and finding inner peace.

Engaging in these practices allows you to tap into Poseidon’s mighty energy, harnessing his wisdom to navigate the depths of your emotions and the mysteries of the subconscious.

Wisdom from the Watery Abyss

Wisdom from the Watery Abyss

Lessons from Poseidon

Just as the ocean’s waters ebb and flow, our emotions and intuition are in constant flux. Poseidon, as the ruler of the seas, teaches us essential lessons about embracing this fluidity. Here’s what the mighty deity imparts:

  • Acceptance of Change: Just as waves can be calm one moment and tumultuous the next, our emotional state can shift rapidly. Poseidon’s ever-changing seas remind us to accept these changes rather than resist them.
  • Depth of Emotion: Beneath the ocean’s surface lies a world full of mysteries, akin to the depth and complexity of our emotions. Dive deep, and you’ll discover layers of feelings, some hidden or suppressed, waiting to be acknowledged.
  • Intuitive Guidance: The sea has its ways of guiding sailors, just as our intuition guides us. Trusting our gut feelings can lead us to make decisions aligned with our true selves.

Mastering the Tides

The tides, governed by Poseidon’s will, teach us the importance of balance. By mastering the tides of our emotions, we can lead more fulfilling lives. Here are some insights:

  • Emotion as a Compass: While emotions should not dictate our every move, they serve as a compass, guiding us towards what feels right. Listening to them can provide clarity in times of confusion.
  • The Power of Stillness: Between the high and low tides, there’s a moment of stillness. Similarly, in our emotional world, finding moments of calm amidst the chaos can provide much-needed respite.
  • Balancing Heart and Mind: Just as Poseidon balances the vast ocean’s chaos with moments of tranquility, we must find a balance between our emotional impulses and rational thoughts. This equilibrium allows for better decision-making and a more harmonious life.

Poseidon’s vast domain, full of contrasts, serves as a mirror to our emotional landscapes. By studying his seas, we can learn to navigate our inner world with grace and wisdom.

Practical Insights from Invoking Poseidon

Practical Insights from Invoking Poseidon

Harnessing Neptune’s Astrological Influence Through Poseidon’s Myths

Neptune, the planet of dreams, intuition, and higher consciousness, shares a deep connection with Poseidon, the god of the sea. To harness Neptune’s influence in one’s life, turning to Poseidon’s myths offers profound insights:

  • Dreams and Visions: Just as sailors would dream of Poseidon’s vast oceans and potential adventures, Neptune influences our subconscious to bring forth dreams and visions. By understanding Poseidon’s tales, we can decode these dreams and gain clarity about our path.
  • Navigating Illusions: Poseidon’s waters, at times, can be deceptive. Similarly, Neptune might present illusions or mirages in our life. Reflecting on Poseidon’s myths can help discern between reality and illusion, guiding us towards truth.

Embracing the Fluidity of Life and Navigating its Challenges

Life, much like the ocean, is in a constant state of flux. By invoking Poseidon:

  • Embracing Change: As the ruler of ever-changing seas, Poseidon teaches us the power of embracing change rather than fearing it. This perspective shift can transform challenges into opportunities.
  • Staying Anchored: Poseidon’s myths often highlight the significance of having an anchor, a stable point amidst life’s storms. This can be our values, our loved ones, or our inner resolve, ensuring we don’t drift aimlessly.

Tapping into Deep Wellsprings of Creativity and Insight

Poseidon’s oceans are not just vast expanses; they’re also deep reservoirs of mysteries. By connecting with his energy:

  • Unlocking Creativity: The ocean’s depths harbor unique life forms and terrains. Similarly, by diving deep within, one can discover untapped creativity and novel ideas waiting to surface.
  • Gaining Profound Insights: As Poseidon rules the deep, quiet parts of the sea, introspection can lead us to profound insights about ourselves and the world around us. This inner knowledge can shape our decisions and perspectives, leading to a more enriched life experience.

By blending Poseidon’s timeless wisdom with Neptune’s astrological influences, we find practical tools and insights for navigating our personal journeys with more understanding and grace.

Harnessing Poseidon to Overcome Pluto and Saturn

Harnessing Poseidon to Overcome Pluto and Saturn

Embracing Fluidity over Rigidity

In the cosmic choreography of planetary energies, Poseidon (or Neptune, astrologically) and Pluto represent two elemental forces that often pull us in different directions. Poseidon’s domain is the vast, unpredictable ocean, a symbol of emotions, intuition, and the boundless depths of the subconscious. Pluto, on the other hand, symbolizes the underworld, the realm of shadows, transformations, and intense psychological depths.

While they may seem at odds, understanding their unique dance can help us harness the best of both energies. Water’s adaptable nature, represented by Poseidon, teaches us to flow around obstacles, finding alternative paths and solutions. It’s about embracing change and the unknown, rather than resisting or fearing them. Rigidity, often a trait associated with earthy energies, can be an impediment to personal growth and understanding. By leaning into Poseidon’s fluidity, we learn the art of adaptability and the strength that comes from flexibility.

  • The Poseidon/Neptune way – which is fluid, adaptable, and flexible (like water flowing around a rock in its path).
  • A more confrontational way – which would be direct and perhaps unyielding (like trying to break through a barrier).

The idea presented is that Poseidon’s watery nature teaches us to be more adaptable and to find alternative paths when faced with challenges, rather than trying to directly confront or overpower them. This concept can be related to eastern philosophies, particularly the Taoist idea of “wu wei” or non-action, which suggests that often the best way to deal with a problem is to go with the flow and allow things to unfold naturally.

Taming the Underworld

The underworld, Pluto’s domain, is a place of introspection, transformation, and sometimes, deep-seated fears. It’s where we confront our shadows and the darker aspects of our psyche. While this introspective journey is crucial for personal growth, it can also be overwhelming and intimidating.

Poseidon, with his dominion over the expansive seas, offers a counterbalance. Just as the vast oceans can both rage in a storm and calm into a gentle lull, Poseidon’s energy can help us navigate Pluto’s intense depths. When faced with the shadows of the underworld, invoking Poseidon’s energy can provide the clarity and calm needed to face, understand, and integrate these shadows.

By visualizing the serene waters of Poseidon’s realm washing over the dark caverns of the underworld, we can cleanse and rejuvenate our spirit, ensuring that Pluto’s transformative energy serves as a tool for growth rather than a source of trepidation. Through this synergy, we not only confront and understand our shadows but also learn to flow with them, leading to profound personal evolution.

Breaking Saturn’s Chains

In the vast universe of astrological energies, Saturn stands as a symbol of boundaries, discipline, and structure. It sets limitations, creates order, and provides the framework on which our lives are built. While these attributes are vital for stability and growth, they can also be restrictive, holding us back from exploring the limitless potential within.

Poseidon, with his ever-flowing waters, provides the perfect antidote to Saturn’s rigidity. Water erodes rock, carves out valleys, and reshapes coastlines, demonstrating that even the most steadfast barriers can be overcome with time and persistence.

To break free from Saturn’s chains, we can channel the essence of Poseidon. This involves understanding that, like water, our paths are not always straight. Sometimes, the indirect route, the one that winds and meanders, is the most enriching. It teaches us resilience, adaptability, and the value of persistence.

Using Watery Wisdom Against Earthly Boundaries and Shadows

The interplay of water and earth is a dance as old as time. Earth provides structure, stability, and form, while water brings fluidity, adaptability, and change. When faced with earthly obstacles, be it the restrictions of Saturn or the shadows of Pluto, the wisdom of water, epitomized by Poseidon, provides invaluable insights.

Breaking Through Saturn’s Restrictions with Poseidon’s Fluidity

Saturn’s energy, though beneficial for discipline and structure, can sometimes feel like a heavy chain around our spirit. It’s the voice that says, “You can’t,” “You shouldn’t,” or “It’s not possible.” But just as rivers carve through mountains, Poseidon’s fluid energy can help us find our way through or around Saturn’s restrictions.

Invoking the spirit of Poseidon means understanding that barriers are not always permanent. With patience, adaptability, and a willingness to flow, we can find ways to navigate around them, or even dissolve them entirely. By embracing Poseidon’s lessons of persistence and adaptability, we can transform Saturn’s challenges into stepping stones, leading us toward our higher purpose and potential.

Navigating Pluto’s Underworld with Poseidon’s Guidance

Pluto, in its astrological essence, represents the deep, transformative forces of the underworld. It delves into our subconscious, bringing up buried emotions, hidden desires, and unresolved traumas. The journey into the depths of Pluto’s realm is not for the faint of heart; it’s a path of self-discovery, transformation, and rebirth.

However, with Poseidon as our guide, we have a beacon through these turbulent waters. Poseidon’s domain is vast and encompassing, not just of the oceans but of all waters that flow and nourish. Just as rivers eventually find their way to the sea, we too can find our way through Pluto’s challenges by following Poseidon’s guidance.

In the depth of our emotional and psychological explorations, Poseidon teaches us to flow with our feelings, not against them. To navigate Pluto’s shadows, we must embrace them, understanding that they too have a place in our psyche. With Poseidon’s guidance, we can use these shadows as a source of strength and transformation, emerging from the underworld with newfound clarity and purpose.

Countering Saturn’s Rigidity with Poseidon’s Flow

Saturn, as the taskmaster of the zodiac, often puts us in rigid boxes, setting firm boundaries and structures. It’s the force that demands discipline, creates limitations, and seeks order. While these qualities are essential for building foundations in our lives, they can also stifle creativity, spontaneity, and freedom.

Poseidon, on the other hand, is the embodiment of flow. His waters are ever-moving, ever-changing, adapting to every contour and obstacle. When faced with Saturn’s stiff barriers, Poseidon offers a solution: adaptability.

To counter Saturn’s rigidity, we must embrace Poseidon’s lessons of fluidity. This means learning to be flexible in our approach, open-minded in our perspectives, and adaptable in our strategies. Instead of seeing obstacles as immovable blocks, see them as challenges to flow around, over, or through. By channeling the essence of Poseidon, we can transform Saturn’s rigid walls into fluid pathways, leading us towards greater freedom and expression.

Surfacing from Pluto’s Depths with Poseidon’s Lifting Wave

The descent into Pluto’s realm can feel like a drowning—overwhelmed by deep-seated fears, suppressed memories, and the sheer intensity of transformation. These are the treacherous waters of the subconscious, where past traumas and hidden desires converge. But just as all seems lost, Poseidon’s uplifting wave can provide a way out.

Poseidon, as the God of the Sea, possesses the might to command the very waves and tides. His power is not just in the crashing storm but also in the gentle lift of the surf that brings sailors back to the shore. By channeling Poseidon’s energy, we can rise from the depths of our inner turmoil and breathe the fresh air of clarity and renewal. It’s a journey from the abyss to the surface, facilitated by the guiding currents of Poseidon’s wisdom.

The Interplay

The ancient myths of Poseidon offer more than just tales of sea adventures and divine conflicts. They present strategies, symbolic representations, and lessons that can be applied in the face of astrological challenges, particularly those posed by Saturn and Pluto.

Saturn’s influence often brings about structure, discipline, and restrictions, akin to the solid ground that limits the free flow of water. On the other hand, Pluto delves deep, unearthing secrets and promoting transformation, much like the profound depths of the ocean that hide mysteries unknown to the surface world. Poseidon, ruling the vast waters, becomes the bridge between these two energies.

Drawing from Poseidon’s myths, we learn the power of adaptability. Water, in its essence, flows around obstacles, finds new paths, and even carves through the most rigid terrains over time. In the face of Saturn’s restrictions, the fluidity of Poseidon’s nature teaches us to adapt and find new ways. And when navigating Pluto’s intense transformative forces, Poseidon’s command over the deep provides guidance to face our fears and emerge transformed.

In essence, the myths of Poseidon serve as allegorical guides, helping us understand and harness the energies of Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn in our astrological journeys.



The Ebb and Flow of Neptune and Poseidon’s Eternal Dance

Throughout the ages, the tales of Poseidon and the astrological significance of Neptune have been intertwined, each echoing the other’s profound mysteries. Their dance is eternal, one that mirrors the very ebb and flow of life itself. Like the sea, they represent both the calm surface and the deep, unknown abyss. Their energies encapsulate the dual nature of existence—moments of tranquility juxtaposed with intense turbulence.

Poseidon, with his trident in hand, rules over the vastness of the oceans, reflecting our deepest emotions, intuitions, and unconscious realms. Similarly, Neptune, in its celestial orbit, influences our dreams, inspirations, and spiritual inclinations. Together, they invite us to dive deep, to confront the unknown, and to find beauty in both the stillness and the storm.

Sailing Forward

As we conclude this exploration into the realms of Poseidon and Neptune, we are left with invaluable insights to navigate the seas of our own lives. The stories, symbols, and practices associated with these powerful entities serve as a compass, guiding us through the intricate dance of emotions, challenges, and self-discovery.

Life, much like the ocean, is unpredictable. There are moments of serene stillness and times of tumultuous waves. But with Poseidon’s strength and Neptune’s guidance, we learn to sail with grace, embracing every high and low. We learn the art of resilience, the importance of adaptability, and the profound wisdom that comes from diving deep within.

May we all harness the energies of the sea and stars, and may our journeys be enriched by the eternal dance of Neptune and Poseidon.

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